Mid-Week School Report

It’s only been three days at Essex now and I have already started to feel like I have moved here as a resident of Colchester. I think this is a great time to see just how much fun you can have in three days instead of week.

First day of school was a series of introductory talks and understanding the basics of the university rules, the buildings, the staff and the student services. I went to go and pick up my student card and collected a goody bag for new students. I got a couple of coupons, a guidebook and a bookmark. Those should be useful for all my basic essentials and I took the time to find my way around the university. I found out where to receive post so I can update my amazon shopping account and I have just recently tried it out by purchasing some textbooks for my modules. To save on money I have bought some second hand copies from third party resellers. We’ll see if I got the address for the post room right this time. I didn’t do any reading when I arrived at UEA for three weeks because I was too busy enjoying the university itself. That is not the way to go about your business on campus. I should have been reading.

I found out from an article from successful people that they commit themselves actively to reading books in their leisure time. In fact they spend only 20% of their leisure time to TV and most of it to books. I have neglected to take to university some of my science and maths textbooks but I have taken some self-help books. One of them has filled my imagination with fire and passion that I just want to get on with my life. To earn the secret of success you have to fill your life with space for that success in life to happen. That space is left for the thing that you want to attract in your life. If you can create that space then you are making a command to the universe to bring that one thing in your life that you want.

Talking of space to learn in my life I made a visit to a special person who I have the fortune to have at this university. Dominic King is Essex’s sports development officer and he helps students with big sporting potential to get something extra out of the university sports teams. I have told him about some of my ambitions and what I hope to get out of my time at university. With the resources there are I hope to make something out of me, my bow and arrows. I wonder what I can achieve here. However if I am to progress to the standards of an Olympian I am going to have to work on it. But before I begin looking for a ticket to the next Olympics of the Commonwealth Games I am going to have to learn how it’s done. The King should know how, he’s an Olympian himself. A race runner from London 2012. How cool is that?

Tuesday saw my first lectures for the academic term. As a January starter I have only got seven months to learn. Those starting in October have more holidays and finish in May. The lectures were something of a breath of fresh air. I had already been introduced to my tutors yesterday and I have to say they were delightful. Finding the classrooms however was a struggle to begin with as I found that my timetable was changed to include classes with the other departments. The foundation year courses are managed by the International Academy department. This is because the classes are run not only for those who have been away from school for a time but also for foreign students who have come here and need to learn the university’s academic writing, code of practice and English language. I start Year zero in the IA and then when the first year comes along I transfer to another department where I major in either electronics or computer science or both. I currently have two modules managed by IA and another two in which I sit in the electronics and computer science department. It was a new experience for me in computer science. I had never read anything in my maths studies on Boolean computing and now I am going to have to start reading soon and learn how to master everything that I know about computers from scratch. I have been a hobbyist with electronics in the past, but now I am going to have to develop an expertise in the subject.

Also on Tuesday I went into the university careers office asking about advice on starting up a business. Some students go in search of part time jobs to support themselves financially but I have always been turned down by employers in the past and I am not going to look for dry cows to prop up my bank account full. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and an eccentric mind. So I am not going to look for a job, instead I am going to try and start a business to make myself some money and invest in bettering my chances of playing for Team GB and Team England. I want to improve people’s perceptions of archery, so I am going to create a line of archery accessories that can make archers look cool and work better on the field. My first product that I have in mind is a new quiver. One that looks more practical and better to wear. Many business people start off with inventions that came from small unassuming corners of the world. I should know, Micheal Dell founded Dell Computers from his dorm room at university in Texas, Bill Gates and Paul Allen started Microsoft while still students at Harvard, Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook in his dorm room at Harvard as well. Perhaps I could create something during my time off in Essex.

Today I just got to explore the Sports Centre and in the process I introduced myself to the archery club. They were a friendly group of people and some of them were quite good at shooting. Thanks to Dominic I managed to get some references to the president and I learned some new tricks in shooting. The club has a coach from the Essex County Archery Association and thanks to him I learnt to put a few things right about my technique. If I am to improve my chance of going to the Olympics then I had better get back into practice more often. There is no point declaring an ambition if you are not going to put the work in. So I think I have an idea for my plan. I will start by getting back into shooting and then once I have started to get my technique right I will start searching for a proper coach and funding for myself. However I am also considering going into training for big archery competition and that will require specially allocated practice times. But that’s another story. I had an opportunity to try out some of my new equipment that I had bought last year. My new quiver works a treat and my bow sight is a vast improvement from my last one. The sight is absolutely steady and silent, it’s so accurate I can feel my shoot being smoother than ever before.

The next thing I need to try out is the Evolve Gym. I have a free week pass with my student card, so I can try out a fitness regime like I was supposed to do. I hope I can find the time to do some exercise. I didn’t put that on my new year’s resolution for a joke. Now for some time off and some work to do. I have become bored with TV and web videos that I want to go out and get active.


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