Essex Geek arrived in Essex

Today is a very important chapter in my life and I am determined to make it the right choice for me. I have already gotten over my failed attempt at UEA and now I need to get realistic in my future here. To start off with I have written a list of things to do as the highest priority for my first two weeks here at University of Essex. First is my academic career, I need to be prepared for the forthcoming first year after I have sat through foundation studies in maths, statistics, electronic engineering and computer science. Second is my sports development, I am here at Essex because I have a free archery club membership with access to a gym and a big outdoor playing field. The university’s sports development officer is an Olympic athlete who can help me find a coach and some more sponsors. And thirdly there is my career potential. I have come to Essex to better myself and get into a field that my school and college wouldn’t help me get because they couldn’t be bothered to try. With my entrepreneurial spirit I have decided not to try for a part time job but be my own boss all over again. I have an idea that might work this time that I can combine with my archery career.

This university is situated in a beautiful and busy place. I have friends who used to live here and were born here. They have the privilege of being in Britain’s first recorded town and it was the capital of Britain when the Romans colonised this island nation in 43 AD. I have another reason to like this city. It was here that the science of electromagnetism was discovered by an Essex man who was the world’s first ever experimental scientist, William Gilbert. This sounds like a retreat for me to expand my mind and my brain to continue with my research into the great scientists of Essex. I still have another one who is on my list to write about but for that I will need to shop for one of his books and if possible a biography.

I had to say goodbye to my mum again this time and it was sad still even though she’d done it the first time round. We set off in the car this morning with some room to spare for my 3D printed parts and the issues of 3D Create and Print. While I am here in Colchester I think I will take the time to build that printer and continue in my self-taught studies of 3D model making on Sketch Up. By October this year the printer should be completed and I will have then be able to print off everything that my imagination can conjure up. It was quite tricky getting into the university as the roads were mostly closed off to cars in the university highway. We had to make several U-turns and diversions to get onto the grounds. Apparently satnavs can’t tell what roads work for different types of drivers.

My residence is really nice and cosy. I have a corkboard, desk, single bed, radiator, wet-room shower, shelfs, communal kitchen and so far I have discovered three lovely flatmates. One of which is the Resident Assistant so I have the luxury of getting access to repairs and room cleaners whenever needed. I discovered that the kitchen has a few essentials that would mean that I wouldn’t have to spend so much on vital essentials. There appears to be a shared ironing boards, vacuum cleaner and iron. But still at least I have a good Phillips iron from Tesco which should come in handy long after I have left the university and moved into another residence. You have got to think ahead in order to survive at university. Money, supplies, food, drink, stationary, work, etc. I’m surprised they haven’t considered opening up food banks stocked with disposal produce from the farms in the local area. I wrote to my MP about that once suggesting that farmers can dispense of food supplies that the supermarkets won’t take, even though they are fit for consumption. I have been told in a reply that there is already a number of solutions being put in place to make the food consumable and not wasted.

Right now I have just stopped watching another pointless rerun on You Tube and decided to do something creative for once. I am stark raving bored with TV and media for consumption online. I want to enjoy something recreational and active that can be constructive to me. I hate watching TV. My aspirations have never felt so strong that I can feel them coming towards me. All you have to do is try. Successful read and self-learn how to make themselves feel powerful, they don’t idle away with all the privileges of modern society. So what shall we do now?


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