University Living Essentials

Today I went out and bought my first new piece of tech for my studies and my inventory. I have got a new iPad mini 3 to allow me to get access to the million apps that are available to the world iOS users. I got rid of my first iPad mini back in March 2014 when I found that the low memory was not enough to suit my growing demand for apps. In the 18 months since then Apple have discontinued the iPad Mini 3 and I have managed to get one second hand with 64GB of memory for £319. That was a good bargain for something in A grade condition. Now I have a new tool so I don’t have to keep lugging my heavy laptop around with me all the time. In the future I will be replacing that with a HP Pavilion for home use and for studying. I have come to realise that I can’t work and live with a hybrid laptop that runs Windows because it’s just not practical. I need something to function as a home PC with enough power to run all my programmes, media, software and school work. And as a student studying electronics and computer science I will need something that can run demanding software applications and practice the modifications of computer components. That is something that I have always been meaning to try.

Now let’s get down to the business of preparing for university (again). I didn’t go the full year at UEA because of an academia issue, but now I am on foundation I won’t need all that trouble. However I will need all the valuable essentials for studying, living and personal items. So far I have all the necessary gear that I can use for writing reports and making notes in lectures. However I am going to have to change the way I work this time. For the first few weeks at UEA I tried the OU method of studying. One notebook for each module, just like at the OU when I only had one module for a whole year. With a full time course you are doing three to five modules a day and with that many number of notebooks it’s a heavy load. The best approach is to have one notebook, with a folder for each module containing handwritten notes in the project folders with one folder for each module. That sounds like a sensible way of doing it. I still have my folders, notebooks, pens and pencils and USB connected items to hand.

One useful gadget that might come in handy for my needs is a hard disc drive enclosure. I have a couple of spare hard drives that I salvaged from my family’s old computers. They will come in handy for my bulging media and data that I am slowly accumulating. I am also thinking about bringing my 3D printer with me to practice something very useful in my studies and my abilities as an engineer when it comes to showing off my talents as a student and a future jobseeker. I am in the business of popularising 3D printing, it’s future of domestic consumerism and creativity for inventors. I still need to get through a large amount of unread material in the magazines which may be useful in learning to master Sketch Up so that I can create 3D models to print. I hope the electronics department has a 3D printer.

Apart from learning materials I also need some basic kitchen essentials. I still have a few items left over from UEA. However I am going to need a new pot, pan and cutlery. I think I’ll get a frying pan with a lid so that I can use it as a wok for making rice dishes and stir fries. I am also going to have to consider making my food bill stretch as far as it can go. I learnt how to manage my student maintenance grant and I tried to live it off without burrowing and that didn’t work very well. This time I am going to have to burrow to go afford my rent. All the student maintenance grant will be useful for is food, drink, tickets and any other vital essentials.

Right now let’s go shopping.


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