Liberalism Vs Conservatism: Misplaced priorities and defending freedom

Over the last two months the world has become a scary place and more fighting has become inevitable. First Paris came under attack on 13 November 2015, then a series of terrorist scares across Europe and America have come, then there was a standing of solidarity against these terrible crimes against humanity and now we have started to attack Islamic State in Syria. There is trouble brewing everyday with attempts by terrorists everywhere since then. It has made me fearful for my safety and it has made me feel even more stubborn to give in. I can only think of what the messages ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ entail and so I shall. But it has given me time to think about just how safe and secure our country really is and how the fight for our freedom, democracy, peace and prosperity is being put at risk by too many forms of liberty that our undermining our security forces. I am in favour of liberty, but there are certain forms of liberty that must be questioned to ensure our survival.

Earlier this year in the run up to the general election I wrote a number of posts about political parties and the philosophies that they stand by that strengthens them. They all have their good sides and their bad sides to suit certain types of voters and I have decided to write about the case for modern liberalism and socialist values in a society that needs to be more conservative than ever before. I am a conservative and I believe that freedom is worth fighting for. Worth fighting for the land that I grew up in so that I can be the person that I want to be in a society that has values, morals and ethics to create a great pleasant land that I can use to advance myself in a way that is creative and human. And if that requires attacking a foreign land of people that come to destroy us because they hold my way of life in contempt as they do for all of my fellow subjects then so be it. I want to live in a society where the world is safe and secure and it’s no good sitting back and leaving the bombing to someone else because they will attack you anyway. Recently I watched a biographical film about Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in the fallout of World War 1 and how he seized the German people’s minds to create a master race of supreme beings. There is a quote played at the beginning and end of the film from 17th century Irish statesman Edmund Burke ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing’.

First of all let’s start with the November 2015 Paris Attacks, I remember where I was on the night of the disaster. It was a Friday 13th, an uncanny coincidence to say the least, at around 9.40 pm. I was at home browsing my phone and I saw the headlines of breaking news. A few hours later when the reports came through I saw the news reports on TV. It was another shocking attack on a nation that championed the concept of liberty, equality and freedom. I remember back in January when the offices of the French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo were attacked in retaliation by Islamic extremists for ‘insulting’ the prophet Mohammed with their cartoons of him. Well in this western world we have the liberty and freedom to satirise figures for the sake of our own freedom of expression. That is a freedom that I value because it allows me to protest against my leaders when they belittle my standing in life. Days after the attack world leaders and the people of France went to the streets of Paris to chant ‘Je suis Charlie’. I joined in and declared my own rights to this right of liberty as I shared the same name as the magazine. I AM CHARLIE therefore I am free to express myself.

The Paris Attacks were a massive chain of events compared to the Charlie Hebdo massacre but they were devastating and barbaric. There were suicide bombings at the Stade de France during a football match, machine guns riddling dinners in restaurants and bars in the city centre and the killing of music loving innocents at the Bataclan theatre. It was such a tragic waste of life that decimated the vibrant and fun filled café culture in the Parisian district. 130 people have been killed mostly from the Bataclan by Islamic radicals from Daesh. I am calling them Daesh as that name works for a violent band of mercenaries who want to kill all human beings for the Muslim-murdering, woman-raping medieval monsters that they are. These are not Muslims, I know what the difference is between a Muslim and a terrorist. These vicious killers want to try and turn us against each other to break us psychologically and socially. I have Muslim friends who I actively converse with on social media. Both of them come from my passion for archery and I have shared my knowledge of archery with them. The people of Daesh are not Islamic in any way, that I can see through the mainstream that they are trying to portray all Muslims as radicalised soldiers. Do they really think they can make me hate my Muslim friends? No they can’t!

There are some stories that the mainstream media haven’t reported that ought to be taken note of. There is a group called the UK Arbaeen Procession that marched in London on 6th December. They speak up for the ethical and moral principles of Imam Husain who was the grandson of the Holy Prophet Mohammed. These principles are for social justice, peace and a bond of unity with the general public. It’s a tradition that has been going on for years, however this story was never seen in any of the big media outlets. It would have been a grand gesture to have reported this as it would show that the peace loving Muslims of our democratic society are out there to denounce terrorism from Daesh. Hundreds of Muslims came out in the Arbaeen Procession to condemn terrorism and I am proud of them for showing the true value of Islam as a religion of peace that can co-exist with this Christian country. Even another Muslim scholar called Mufassil Islam says so. He made an impassioned speech against ISIS in a video in which he told those trying to impose Islamic law in Britain to ‘fuck off’. My hats off to you sir.

However it’s not just the Daesh that I have a problem with. It’s the fanatical liberals of this country who play the race card when immigration and terrorism are brought up. Who preach contempt for nationalism and patriotism and don’t even realise what they do to make peace requires no individuality and selfish collectivism. We could have destroyed Daesh before they even came into being when President Assad began killing his own people in 2013. I remember that day in August 2013 when Assad gassed over 1700 civilians in a chemical attack in the town of Ghouta, west of Damascus. Shortly after there was a vote in Parliament to attack and destroy the Assad but it was rejected and no further action was taken. Now this was the start where Daesh would start to get a stronghold on the region. In the years afterwards ISIS as they were then known started to build up a caliphate for Islamic extremism covering territories in Iraq, Syria and Libya. It was suddenly a war of different groups against each other with the Syrian rebels, the Assad regime, ISIS, the Taliban and Al Qaeda constantly fighting each other in the Middle East. All this conflict led to a mass exodus from Syria where over 4 million refugees are fleeing the war and over 3’500 of them have drowned due to rouge people smugglers making them cross the Mediterranean in unsafe boats. Although I am against taking on a mass amount of refugees on top of the immigration problem we already have in this country I do feel sympathy for them and I wish that this swarm of homeless sufferers had never had to flee for their lives in the first place.

If we had attacked Assad two years ago we could have also stopped Daesh from building their caliphate and we wouldn’t have to watch all these barbaric images of extermination, raping, murdering and destruction of culture and civilisation. It’s like watching a cross between an Orwellian dictatorship and an anti-human pariah state. It’s sick enough just watching what is going on in the world and allowing people to kill each other. The liberal and socialists are pacifists and they didn’t want to go to war on the grounds that the evidence against Assad was insufficient. Especially as he later allowed the USA and Russia to take all his chemical weapons off his hands and stockpile for destruction in September 2013. So we all backed down. However turning a blind eye to that only led to a humanitarian disaster, the refugee crisis and the rise of Islamic State. I don’t blame the government for the lack of action, I blame the left and the selfish socialists and liberals who seem to have forgotten what liberty is all about. I remember saying to my friends in August 2013 that if I had the power, then I would have gone to Syria with my bow and joined the rebels to take Assad out.

One of the things that has affected me in Daesh’s quest for world domination is the destruction of heritage sites like the ancient city of Palmyra which has stood for over 2000 years with a value as a UNESCO heritage site and the relics of Nimrud, Iraq which has been or rather was an Assyrian city dating back to the 13th century. When a tyrant destroys historical relics like this we lose all recognition of our value as human beings and hence we lose all that history for what we became as we are today. Museums are a place that show beauty, creativity and adventure in our curious desire to become something. I’m a volunteer at a big museum that celebrates the creations of mankind in a way that has shaped out standing in society and made us as human beings a powerful force to be reckoned with nature. It shows us just how powerful and supreme a species can be through creativity, intellectualism, discovery, passion and ambition. It builds a dynamic nation and preserves the peace between nations. If we take this away then we are stifling intellectual thinking and crushing the souls that make us live for such a noble purpose. Some of these fanatics in Daesh would have us believe in the Aristotelian way of thinking. There are some scientists from the Arabic world who are trying to prove that the Earth is not moving, that disabilities are the result of a curse for the parent’s sins, and in Pakistan physics students are known to blame earthquakes on those who deviate from Islamic practices. In contrast to the western world where science has mostly distanced itself from supernatural teachings.

I am a strong believer in conservative values and I am a conservative myself. I vote Tory and I idolise Maggie Thatcher, Benjamin Disraeli and Winston Churchill. I also contribute ideas to my Tory MP and I have canvassed for him in the general election 2015. What makes me proud to be a conservative is that we look what makes our country and society survive by fighting for it’s values and stand up for the constitution on civil liberties and progressive thinking to create a form of advancement and prosperity for our own good. In the fallout of the terrorist attacks many nations have taken up arms to fight Daesh and are currently attacking them as we speak. I remember the vote in Parliament for Britain’s role in the fighting and I was glued to the TV as the protesters outside demanded no war and the politicians debated the issue. It was quite a tense and fierce debate, painful but decisive. I think it’s time we took a look at this debate from a different angle, this was a debate in which conservatives, socialists and liberals were voting on a war which would show that evil is everywhere. You can’t go on thinking that this war is wrong but we have the freedom to be wrong and that gives us the right to defend ourselves. Have you seen the films of Daesh practicing their evil ways in Syria where gays are thrown from buildings, woman are raped and sold as sex slaves and people are being systematically slaughtered to show their rule by fear?

Only recently Daesh issued a fatwa on all disabled people with mental and physical impairments. This echoes the Nazi’s final solution when they exterminated them alongside the Jews because they considered paying for their welfare to be a ‘burden’ on the state. I have a disability myself and it is a useful trait that helps me to be creative and successful in science or art. Daesh’s policy on disablement reminds me of the way the left mistreated me as a pathological cripple who has no function in society but to sit on the sideline and live with the same quality of life as ordinary people but not try to amount to anything. I want to be something of value in society and not a prized cabbage on a socialist vegetable. I feel so patronised and incensed with humiliation that it makes me want to lash out at those liberal morons with their segregationist style of supporting the disabled. They are not helping me, they are belittling me. If I take sides with people that disagree with them like conservatives and capitalists, the liberals and the socialists see me as being taken advantage of. I want to be my own man, not some stupid, pathetic infidel made to look weak for the sake of making others show compassion to make themselves look good. You have got contempt for people with ambition.

During and after the debate a number of MPs including those from Labour were targeted by fanatical leftists who saw them as ‘traitors and mass murderers’ for their support of the bombing campaign in Syria. This was sick and distasteful towards democracy, these hard left fanatics had become like the fascists their grandfathers fought to destroy. Just because your ideology teaches about compassion for the weak doesn’t mean that you are entitled to be hateful and despicable to the parliamentarians of your own. You should know that Labour has a proud history of standing up to fascism and the liberals as well. However these hateful people are becoming just like those that they sought to destroy. Stella Creasy was one Labour MP to feel the brunt of the Corbynite thought patrol when they were harassing her staff from outside her office. Some even sent pictures of dead children to her in a shameless display that made them no better than Daesh themselves. So I have every reason to think of them as terrorist sympathizers. It reminded me of the time when Nigel Farage was eating lunch with his family at a pub in March this year in London. An anti-UKIP group of protestors hounded him out of the pub intimidating his wife and kids as well. Although I am not a fan of UKIP I feel pity for him, these liberals have become just as nasty as Nazis. Fight your enemies with honour, not scumbag yobbery!

One of the heroes of the defiant Labour activists was Hilary Benn who made an impassioned plea to members to vote on the notion of bombing Daesh. For the sake of national security he spoke like a true statesman and he would certainly do better to lead the Labour party. Telling the house that ‘My view is that we must now confront this evil. It is now time for us to do our bit in Syria,’ he said. ‘They (Daesh) hold us in contempt. They hold our values in contempt. The hold our belief in tolerance and decency in contempt.’ Although he stood up for the beliefs he was constantly demonised by Corbyn and his hateful supporters. The day after the vote there was a list of the 66 Labour MPs who supported the bombing campaign refered to as a ‘traitor’s list’. They along with those who did vote for bombing got tormented by with ‘violent and abusive’ messages. I’ve never seen such vile and revolting actions from a movement that stands up for the common man and the poor people of society evolve into a band of brattish, condescending, power hungry, angry fanatics. There was also repulsive remarks coming from within the house as well. Alex Salmond denounced Hilary Benn with a slur about his pro-war decision by saying that his father Tony Benn would be ‘birling (spinning) in his grave’. Hilary’s niece Emily Benn found it so offensive she demanded an apology. Well Emily if I had been told that about my relatives like that I want to walk up to that overweight pretentious carcass with my fists and full of rage – as I write this – I’d smash his face in.

Although I am a conservative I support some liberal values and socialist ideas. But I think the modern liberals of today are more destructive to society and have a futile ideology that isn’t fit for this century. In the age of Enlightenment in the 17th century the liberal movement was a force for good when the proletariat rose up against their tyrannical leaders after being oppressed by their King’s undemocratic and unpopular actions that revolved around his own people. However when they seized power amongst the chaos a few powerful men took control and used this to start a war against the people and then their neighbouring states. People such as Napoleon, whose name has become synonymous with conquest and tyranny. Later in the 19th century the socialist movements used their own tactics to overcome their unfair, unjust and unequal governors to provide an administration for the people. However when they seized power they got unbelievably stronger than they were supposed to be and felt that they were invincible. They ended up building republics which started to make tyrannical dictatorships made by the generals who betrayed their own revolutionaries like Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin and Kim Ill Sung. We need conservatives supporting liberty that is reminiscent of the foundations of our society.

When the founding fathers of the United States invented their own liberalism they realised that they needed to establish the groundwork for a nation of freedom and liberty where the individual has rights of existence without government interference, but still maintain a basic order of law. Today’s liberals believe in a form of freedom and liberty without any responsibility for their survival and dismiss all forms of logical order to protect their own liberties. Some people like David Cameron refer to people who don’t support the retaliation towards Daesh as ‘terrorist sympathizers’ and I can understand why he said that because as their refusal to back bombing in Syria is very much like that of a lost delusional liberal and socialist. The left’s idea of a pacifist negotiation with Islamic State requires everyone on God’s Green Earth to think alike you and henceforth no individual ideas should exist to compromise that pacifism. Pacifism is not an instinct, it’ s a collective idea that requires a control of the mind of Daesh and you can’t achieve that by pleading for mercy. They are just as incapable of listening as the supreme socialists of Corbyn’s collective.

Liberty is best described in the words of Benjamin Franklyn. He said that ‘Liberty is the Freedom to be wrong, not the freedom to do wrong’. In this case I am using liberty to be wrong about Jeremy Corbyn’s pacifist ideas and Alex Salmond about his flawed independent Scotland’s oil revenue plan. Neither of these two men can use liberty to suggest that it’s okay to be friends with a caliphate of extremist murderers that threaten our rights to liberty and that you can run Scotland as a supreme socialist state where you have to scrape the barrel of North Sea oil that can barely afford to keep the public services running. Do yourself a favour gentlemen, if you are wrong admit it! No one has choked to death on their own pride. Pride is not a weapon to commit suicide with when you lose it, it’s a strength from within that makes you strong and proud of your own achievements and should not be used to make others suffer at the expense of it. That’s why I don’t want a pretentious overbearing moron who can’t accept criticism and has a fetish for failure. Especially someone like Jeremy Corbyn, he is an unfit leader and a threat to national security. His weakness is hatred of productivity and achievements. If good things don’t go the Labour way, then you are denounced by them.

Four days after the Paris attacks England played a friendly football match against France. Before the game both sides joined the French people in a moment of silence for the victims with a dual rendition of God Save the Queen and Le Marseilles. The words to both these songs carry a message of defiance towards tyranny and oppression from terrorism. Long reign our glorious queen who we shall protect to defend our freedom as our national anthem says so. Le Marseilles carries a message of defiance against tyranny in the strongest possible way. We shall rise up against those howling soldiers of Daesh, inhuman as they are, and form battalions against a common enemy.


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