Happy Holidays, I’m going to Colchester Campus

I just got a place at University of Essex in Colchester today and I was one bug happy bunny. It comes as a big relief because I don’t have to wait until the next year for a place on a foundation year while intercalating on maths and science. Now I can get to work preparing for a new life and this time I had better get it right. It didn’t work for me at University of East Anglia because I didn’t plan it properly and I didn’t really have it in me for natural sciences. I should stick to something that has good job prospects for a career that I want to go into, not a subject to practice for recreational purposes. I heard about a Doctor from Virginia who studied quantum physics at university and went to work for Washington in a think tank but got bored with it and opened a bicycle repair shop. Not all bright sparks with a passion for science need to go for the stuff that makes them the brainiest, they need to train for a vocational and strong academic subject that makes them succeed in their field.

I have a great chance at succeeding at electronics and computer science better than physics and maths because I am better off going into space science and automotive manufacturing. An academic career in physics is only valuable to me if it has a practical application in engineering and telecoms. I can’t take it if it’s just plainly theoretical. Besides theoretical work is boring, it’s all indoors and working at a desk. Archery has made me feel the glory and thrill of the outdoors. That’s where my heart lies. Which reminds me.

I still have my desire to play archery for the university as an elite athlete and Essex University has better prospects for me there. I met the sports development officer there in October and told him about my ambitions which included becoming an elite archer and the playing fields of Essex have all the facilities that I need to take advantage of. The development officer looks like a helpful and kind chap, he’s a Team GB athlete and an Olympian who was at London 2012.

I also want to get a job and for that I think it’s time I developed my idea to self employ myself. For that I am going to have to develop some draft design ideas for my quivers. They’ve got to be good and they’ve got to be useful. A quiver for target archery is a ammunition holder and a toolbox. But they must also have a colour and style to match the athlete’s uniform because they should look as good as the archer.


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