Anxiety is killing me

I am now currently at home enjoying some time out from some TV binging. It was sad to see Clara Oswald go in Doctor Who tonight and I wish she had gone out without snuffing it at the hands of a deadly raven. She could have gone out a peaceful trip home. I also got to see the start of the new series of my favourite Scandi drama The Bridge which has returned after an 18 month absence. I was glad to see Saga Noren back on my screen as I could see myself in her shoes as the aspergic detective that she is. I have often wondered how a person with a complex personality disorder can turn into a great detective and fight crime. It reminds me of the time I wrote my first novel with my own autistic character Scott Hardy in A Baffling Unoriginal Looking with a Voice to Prove Positive. It was a flop but I am proud to have created something that reflects my desire to defy the patronising ways that people perceive me.

I have just spent some time this week learning about equations from Countdown to Mathematics and I have now reached the chapter where I dropped out of reading four years ago when I had to stop to take a test for an OU course. I wish I hadn’t done that particular one now. I could have just carried on reading CtM and do the Calculus course at a later date, which would have freed up time and money to do another course that would have worked for the physics module. I’ve covered algebra, statistics of shapes and quadratics and now I am going to have to learn another three modules. This textbook studying is getting boring. I need some stress relief and respite from it all. To begin with I have already started to consider getting a target bag to put in the garden to practice archery at home. That would be a good way to get around the lack of access I have to the field.

I think that my application to University of Essex is going to be considered and approved shortly. I need to see to it that I will be ready to move to Colchester should I get the place on the course. But most importantly I need to be academically prepared for it too. I haven’t got much practice with electronics except for a few soldering kits and some programming practice on a Raspberry Pi. I also have nearly half the whole set of issues of 3D Create and Print with an unbuilt Vector 3 3D printer still in their packaging. I have now started to consider building the printer and doing some serious science practice. I know how to handle numbers in many different forms.


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