Back home with no sweets

God it has been a painful setback getting home. I was never expecting my home life to return like this. However in the last two weeks I haven’t been idle. I have actually used the time productively by doing some improvised distance learning. I have been going through Countdown to Mathematics and working through the puzzles in the book. The last time I went through this book was three years ago and I only managed to get through it up to module 6.3 then. I stopped reading it once I got onto an Open University module. I don’t know why I bothered with that OU module. I could have done something else until the calculus module started. Planning isn’t really my strong point. But still I have something else to keep myself busy so I am now working on improving my knowledge of maths but I also need to take the time to read some physics and chemistry as well. I had also better start reading and getting down to practicing engineering and computers for my new course.

I have made my application to the University of Essex and now I am awaiting a response. The next thing I am going to need is a real and proper plan for getting into a serious academic career. I am going to need a job and something to live off for the next few months that’s assuming that I’ll get a place for the foundation year which starts in January 2016. I have already applied to sign on again at the jobcentre and with that insurance money or a possible job I will have to put all my savings into my bank and see to it that I have enough to live off and invest in some new gear. My bedroom hasn’t had much changes to it but at least the desk and bed is still here so at least I have somewhere to work and a new social life with some new experiences.


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