Eventful Turn of Events

As the title suggests my life here as at university in Norwich has been a succession of drastic changes rather than a change for a fresh start outright. Let’s recap what has happened to me since I arrived here. First I settle into my new accommodation and get to know my flatmates in Thistle Close. As soon as I settle in I get down to business and start to settle into university life. I joined 6 societies and 1 sports club but so far I have barely got involved with most of these societies as I was busy familiarising myself with the University of East Anglia.

Within freshers week I discover something about my living arrangements that I hadn’t forseen. Although there are some rules to what you can keep on campus in the halls I was actually allowed to have my sporting equipment with me on campus after all. There are loopholes where you can declare archery equipment as safe to hold onto in your room. With that in mind I then started to consider moving out of my shared flat and into a student halls. I had another reason for wanting to do that as well. My Thistle Close room was too small for bright ideas to expand. I couldn’t work effectively in it to do my university work and so I needed a room with a decent sized desk. After two weeks at Thistle Close I packed up my bags and decided to move in on campus for a room with a proper work desk. I rather like it here despite the fact that I now have to buy for laundry, have no oven in the kitchen so no baking which is rather dull for cooking and I need to do my ironing in such a small space. The bed is a bit soft but I’m glad to have it.

After a while I noticed that I was indulging in too much leisure time when really I should have been committing myself to reading. It’s a lot different from the Open University, it was so much easier to procrastinate and get distracted working with my textbooks whenever I felt like it. Here I have to commit to the task like it’s a full time job and work to a set schedule as well as attend the lectures, seminars and workshops and jot down to coursework, lab work, assignments, etc. However it’s great for motivation and I can feel more productive and at ease as I focus on what I what to do and have something come out of my education. What my room needs is some motivational posters to keep me in check. The only thing that I have to keep my price intact is the Essex flag and that is like a sign to tell me that as the Grand Geek of Essex I am enchanted with a place to fulfil my potential. But I could be doing it in the wrong place.

That omen came from a sudden turn of events that could make me reconsider my entire academic career here at the UEA. Three weeks into the course I went to my adviser to complain about my lack of understanding of calculus and so I decided to see about a change of modules for the year. What I found was a major flaw in my decision to study here. As I recalled the last time I did a serious maths course was at the Open University and even then I didn’t manage to finish my degree there. Now as it turns out when I applied through clearing I didn’t need to take an interview or an entry test of any kind. I just walked straight through the door. However what I neglected to realise was that because of the time in the three years since I studied calculus at the OU my memory of the subject material had deteriorated and so I couldn’t do the Natural Sciences course in physics and maths at all. It put me in such a jam I had two choices: drop out and try again another year or use my place productively and transfer to another course which I could do so I didn’t waste the year.

So I decided to change track and try another way around it. Under my adviser Claire she gave me a helpful tip and I so I decided to transfer to another course. I am now a foundation year student studying environmental sciences focusing on physics, chemistry, maths and the environment. What will it come to later after I have completed this foundation year. I never really wanted to study this stuff but I do have an interest in environmental sciences from my studies of the stuff in my first year at the Open University. So I am comfortable with it and I intend to make the most of it while I am here. Recently I starting feeling nostalgic for the Open University and was beginning to think that I made the wrong choice of university.

To add insult to injury I had an accident while cycling in Norwich with a group of happy riders. I was going this hill and it was curved and steep. Something went wrong and as my instructor pointed out I was too stubborn to give in, which of course I am. I pulled too hard on the front wheel brake and I went over the bars hands on ground grazed in the heels of my hands, bruised my upper left leg and cut my chin. It was so agonising I was almost physically sick but no vomit came from me. I am currently plastered up and set to heal within another 7 – 10 days. I felt so low and vulnerable that I realised that I had to get away from it all. My injuries were so severe I couldn’t shoot my bow and I had to drop out of an archery event where I could have done a great service for Team GB archers at the world’s first Beiter hit-miss tournament.

All this terrible turn of events has made me even reconsider my plans for university. Have I made the right choice of course, have I made the right choice of university, am I in the right place, what kind of field do I want to go into and what I am supposed to do to get there? It’s in my head but I am not really sure if I am doing it right. What happened to me?


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