Crash Dive

When you get into sport you expect to get injured in some way that you never know when it’s going to happen. Today I just discovered the vulnerability of being a beginner in cycling and I realised that the pain was going to set me back. As of today I got my most serious injury ever from a sport on two wheels. I was going down a steep hill and I had a bit of hard luck when I came half way to the bottom. I lost my grip on one of the breaks and the front wheel lurched me ahead of the bike and fell and landed on my hands and bumped my chin. I got grazed hands with my right hand shedding about 4 centimetres of skin on the back heel and a smaller graze with some flesh wounds on the left hand. Ouch!

I think I can say that I have been exposed to a highly charged occupational hazard. Thank God my instructor had a first aid kit to hand otherwise I would probably have suffered a very nasty wound. It was so painful I could feel a sense of trauma as I had to keep my head up and breath. As I watched my instructor Matt tend to me I could now understand the value of how much was needed to be a sports coach. If I am to improve my function at major sports events I need to take a proper first aid course. I keep being the spare part in the games, I need to do something to better myself. I should try asking Norvic Training seeing that St John’s Ambulance is out of reach for me.

What does this mean for me as an archer? Well for the time being I can’t shoot for a while because my bow hands are useless. Also because of the injury to my hand I can’t do my volunteer work at the Beiter tournament at sports park now! What do you do when you have an injury? Well you improvise something constructive to rehabilitate yourself. When I was suffering from running injury I took the time to relearn how to manage your running and go through some exercises to improve my health at the next run. It was good to take some time out to reassess your priorities and it gives you solace that nurses you back to health. I’m not going to let my archery suffer neither. Instead of missing out on practice I will take the time to go over my learning material for the next week in my foundation year and apply some of it to my knowledge of archery. Let’s start by working out a piece on projectile motion.


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