Setback to Foundation Year

This has been a disastrous start to my new life and I wasn’t expecting to turn out like this. Today I have just been down to the admissions office to get my course changed from a first year natural sciences programme to a foundation year on the environmental sciences programme. I have had to do this because of my lack of schooling in the last year three years in doing advanced mathematics which includes calculus and complex numbers. I have never been so bloody annoyed by such a depressing setback and I can only set back and wonder what the bloody hell happened and how has it come to this? Well first of all I joined this course through the clearing and I got it only by sheer luck. Default applicants don’t need to go through interviews or assessment tests of any kind. They just sort of stroll in like they want you in to fill the gap. I thought this would have been a great chance to make up for that place I gave up at Strathclyde. It turns out that I wasn’t as clued up for university full time as I thought. My experience at the Open University didn’t provide me with sufficient grounding in the field of study that I wanted to go into. Maybe if I choose to leave the Open University in 2011 shortly after getting my certificate in maths then I might have been able to switch to full time education a lot sooner with my head full of calculating equations that I could churn out at the presentation of a question paper. Sadly however that has all gone away.

My adviser Claire decided to help out and gave me a lifeline so fortunately I don’t have to drop out. This new plan is for me to commit this academic year to studying physics, maths and chemistry in the first year learning about all the basics needed to transition to a first year programme. This should be good and my studies of physics will be revisited from that module I did at the Open University. I failed that one because I didn’t take enough time to study properly. My tutor on that course told me that ‘the more problems you do the better you get at it’. It’s just about the same routine as a musician learning to master a musical instrument. Through practice and reading I can solve the problems in the physics and chemistry lessons and the maths as well. Maybe if I had bothered to take the time to practice more often instead of being buggered by my unemployment problems then I would have passed. Now that I am a full time student I can get cracking with no disruptions, except where there’s procrastination. I wish there was a degree in that!

Aside from the foundation year I have a lot to catch up on and private studying. So it’s now reading in the library whenever available and applying my knowledge through my hobbies and other activities. My sponsors are crying out for posts, the student newspaper Concrete has given me an offer to write for them, I need to get my deposit refunded and I need a better means of mobile computing. This 2in1 machine is a bit bulky for me. I want a Microsoft Surface for mobile and casual computing and a laptop from Dell or HP for home computing and desktop functions in my dorm. There’s also my archery career to consider and now that I have access to a shooting field I can get onto practicing a bit more before I start getting a coach and more sponsors. But first and foremost I must commit to my studies, this a university, not a holiday camp.


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