First Soc meeting and bad choice for a module

I have just got back from my first society meeting at the university. This is something that I was looking forward as it was also one of a society that I had been dying to meet. The Conservative Future Society were having a very special lady come and talk to us called Chloe Smith MP for Norwich North. A dashing and intellectual lady of substance who had been a student of English Literature at York University. It was great to see her and we talked about her values as a Conservative and for the first time I was part of a political group in a formal way that I could voice my own ideas to the group.

We talked about a number of different things including the EU referendum, my connections to my local MP for Romford Andrew Rosindell and the possibility of creating a new alternative to the EU in it’s place. There was even the case of the Sombrero ban at the university during freshers week, which annoyed a lot of people. This included some of us who felt that cultural identities were being dismissed for the sake of what exactly? Diversity, equality or that race bollocks. Thank God I don’t want to work in the student union, there are populated with socialists and liberals who believe in a form of liberalism that suppresses individualism. Bleurgh!

Later we all went out for a drink where we got to know each other and talk to Chloe about our academic careers. The subject of MPs barred from speaking came up and I told everyone including Chloe how I felt that the way modern liberals want diversity and equality is to mould you into something that they want you to be. That is a form of segregation from a bunch of condescending morons who are only interested in themselves.

I have just had a bad day struggling to read a rather complicated and difficult problem with my first calculus assignment. I have come to realise that I am getting bogged down in a foreign language. I thought this course would be just the ticket to my further development in the world of scientific research. However it is becoming a struggle outside the lecture halls. Back in 2011 I had just completed a very lengthy and demanding maths module which was my first taste in calculus but it was a headache to work with. I never really could understand it very well and I just wanted to be doing some proper practical maths that had a useful application in machinery and the behaviour of bodies in a vacuum. I’m more of a classical physicist than a quantum machinist. Worst of all I took a look at my past assignment scores and found that what I got in that calculus module wouldn’t be enough to make it into university. I got a score 69%, a C grade. I need a new module or two for this year – fast!

I’ve gone through the list of the modules and I have found some that might be up my alley. I only hope that they focus on a certain subject to major in the second and third year. The only trouble is that with no physics department I am going to have to go onto some other chemistry, maths, computing and environmental modules. I can’t be doing modules that I don’t like, it’s like a six year old trying to understand where babies come from. Right time to reconsider my options. But first I need some more supplies. I need an airer and a shopping trip on amazon.


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