What have I let myself in for?

I have just got a lot on my plate recently. After the fun of fresher’s week it’s time for some serious studying. I have been given my first assignment in calculus and it is quite a struggle to understand the language. I should have made an attempt to go to university full time after I got my certificates in 2011. The stop gap between then and now has had quite an effect on my ability in working with numbers. I used to be good at maths and I can handle all the basic stuff that scientists require to master in physics, chemistry, engineering and computing but what about the theoretical stuff in the calculus. I was never really any good at that. I managed to get by with just 60% in my final coursework in countdown to mathematics back in 2011. It was exhausting but I pulled through. I think being at a campus university is just the thing I need to make myself better at it. At the moment I am battling with complex numbers and it isn’t much of a doddle. I only took this module at the start because it formed quite a lot of prerequisites for future modules and there was also the way in which the module would fit in with all the other modules.

I hope that there are some workshops and library material to look through. I should or could be looking through that stuff right now. But I have a heck of a lot on my plate. In my old life there was some TV that I would watch on a regular basis but now that isn’t really what I need right now. I have got archery practice on Wednesday afternoons, a book to complete, schoolwork to fulfil, an archery career to persue and a club to develop. I should also be looking at practicing my talents to become a scientist as a hobbyist. I once read an article from a psychologist who said that a child’s future career can be determined from their taste in toys and recreational activities. As an adult I need to advance my hobbies and use them to develop my potential to be what I want to become. Let’s see what I need to fulfil:

  • Master computer programming to develop apps and software.
  • Perfect and build electronic devices following on from soldering PCB kits.
  • Getting a new telescope to map some of the far-most objects in the night sky and detail their features.
  • Reading and learning about 3D printing for help in launching the revolution in new production methods and techniques.

I also need to consider getting more sponsors for my archery gear. I really need an upgrade right now. Also I need to get that campaign to make archery a core sport in the Commonwealth Games. Recently I got an offer from the student newspaper Concrete to write for them on the topic of archery. I can’t miss that.

There were so many societies that I signed up for I should have been a bit more selective. I have already missed two weeks of socials from my socs and I really need to get my money’s worth for them. Right let the sponsorship campaign begin.


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