New home for my mind

I have just moved into my new accommodation and it is a sweet place that reminds me of a penthouse without all the luxuries. The UEA does pride itself on accommodation and student welfare and it does so by giving them all the basic essentials of student living. I choose a modest en suite apartment in the Constable Terrace with which I share a kitchen with 8 other people. It’s a tidy and practical hall with a desk and a single bed. Just the thing that I couldn’t get at the house in Thistle Close. I wish I had made a second thought when I choose Thistle Close in the first place, it just wasn’t for me. Maybe I should have taken the ground floor ensuite where Alex was staying. I said goodbye to Shruti and Anoo and tried to say goodbye properly to Hannah, but I’m sure we’ll be in contact again soon. All I need is some new place to consider for the second year is housing in a houseshare with fellow students, but with my contacts to the my former flatmates I can make a flatshare with them if necessary.

This hall has a rather unusual way of saving and survival. I was expecting my fellow students to be sharing the cutlery, pots and pans but no they don’t. Weren’t they told in survival school that to save money you should chip into the home ware and share it amongst your fellow students. I suppose I will have to bring that to a head at the housing workshop in November.

Now that I am in halls I suppose it might be worthwhile to invest my time in something productive and get down to some serious studying to getting ahead in a scientific career. I’ve got my textbooks, I’ve got the library across the campus, I’ve got the sportspark. But now I have got to make sure that I put my talents into something productive and meaningful. There’s Legend Archery needing another blog. What shall I write about now?


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