Weekend Retreat

I have just had a very warm and exhausting journey today. After fresher’s week I still had half my wardrobe at my parent’s house. I needed some more clothes and a few things I forgot so I decided to turn this into a weekend retreat at home. It was a long walk getting the bus to Norwich train station. I would have thought the buses would be plentiful but no I was forced to walk at least a mile and a half with a big backpack that was mostly empty. It still felt heavy though as I had a laptop and a book in it along with Clyde.

I got home after a two hour train journey during which I had to change trains and run the risk of a flat battery on my phone. My mum was pleased to see me and all that and there were some surprises in store when I got indoors. I find that my room has all been rearranged with the bed turned into a sofa and the desk and bookshelf put in opposite sides of the room. One casualty of this movement is the wardrobe which has a broken clothes rail and loose panel at the back. When you move a wardrobe you need to dispense with the weight inside it and then move it into place and then put the things back. But still I can’t really be all that disappointed. Right now I need to plan my new life in Norwich for the next three years. I will need a new place to live in for the first year as it is. That room is too small to begin with and I am starting to feel the strain on it’s use as a study space. Fortunately I have a potential lease on a property that has a much bigger room. I’ll tell you about that after I’ve viewed it tomorrow afternoon.

After mum came home I did a few housekeeping things and we went out to lunch. We picked up Linda and nan for a pre-birthday lunch for my mum. It was her birthday on Monday and as I would be in Norwich I decided to make a return visit to see her and drop off her card. In the process it also seemed right to enjoy a day out with my wonderful mother who needed some company from the first of the family to go to university. It was a nice meal to. It was a Turkish restaurant called Shish Meze and I had a very big and filling two course meal of chicken shish kebab and a chocolate cake with ice cream. I was so full up I couldn’t even have dinner. I thought at the time I’d better eat this up because being that I am a saver student then I would be able to fast for hours afterwards and save money.

My mum and her other friends went out for dinner afterwards and then I went onto kip on the bed for a while. I had some time to kill and as I was lying in bed I started to think about some of the gear that I would need to take back to Norwich. There is a lunar eclipse coming tomorrow night and I have to see it. I think when you are a student with passion you’ve got to keep up your activities which benefit your degree. This eclipse will come in handy for the spectroscopy module that I am doing across the two semesters. Red light is bent into the curvature of the Earth where the Moon is during the eclipse and hence it becomes a blood red orb.

After I watched Dr Who I thought about the TV that I was having to catch up with and what TV I had to ditch. I was now free of watching all that banal junk that I would causally watch whenever I had free time and now I had to think about a new form of medium that I needed to indulge in. My books are my tool for my studies and I am now going to have to swap TV and online TV for books and writing assignments. All I need to do is use them in a creative and constructive way. I came to the UEA with a book proposal and I need to get that in completion. But with the amount of studying that I am going to be doing that will become side-tracked.

I picked up my post and I checked to see what I needed to return to Norwich with. Among it was my backpack raincover from Legend Archery. I think it’s time I got another post up for them. I want to write about something scientific on archery just as I am about to try out the university archery society. I need to get down to that ASAP. As well as that I would like to ask them about sponsorship in a creative way that will benefit the world of archery and give equipment like quivers and backpacks a new identity. Time for me to get something to take my mind of it.


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