Start of University Life

Well here we are now all settled in and unpacked and ready to go for university life. For the next 14 days I will see how my new life will be mapped out. I got here with my mum and her friend Marie who decided to turn this into a day out in an idyllic city of East Anglia. I got here with a suitcase, three bags and few essentials full of food and drink and household supplies. I think I have done the right thing and it’s all systems go for my first long term let in a property to call my own. I have just met two of my new housemates, but they are not students like me. There is one who I am expecting to see soon she is a mature student like me. I’m looking forward to getting a chance to meet my new flatmates soon with all the fruit juice and cake we can drink.

We got here at 11.30 and with my flatmates Hannah and Alex we struggled to get the keys from the safe. That lever on the safe to open it was hard. It reminded me of a basic engineering principle, the longer the lever the heavier the load it can move and that lever switch was minute. It couldn’t even move a locking mechanism. After we got acquainted with the room we decided to go out and get lunch and do some shopping for a few small essentials. I love the company and we discussed my plans for the first year. It wasn’t really much distaste to leave home and see that all my privileges and comforts for gone. I have no desire to return to them and spoil myself. I have decided to relief myself of all those things so that I can concentrate on my ambitions and passions. I have got to follow in the footsteps of a real champion. They sacrifice and give up everything to get to where they want to be. They don’t have to hurt people, they don’t have to lose someone, all they need to do is master the art of survival and conquest. I like to think that my archery coach, whoever may be in the university archery society, will be my saviour.

I have decorated my room with a flag of Essex on the wall which represents that this is territory claimed by the Grand Geek of Essex for the sake of the county’s science and industry. It has a 4ft divan bed with storage but it’s space isn’t all that big. I may need to rid that desk from the room as it clogs up a great amount of the space and makes the cupboard un-enterable. I must remember to get a laptop table. That bed is big enough for me to do my work on. I can use it as a desk just like I did at home before I got a desk.

This university life is to train me for a profession in the field of science and technology. I want to study natural sciences to become a scientist in the field of research and development, an engineer for the armed forces and space sciences. I also want to try my hand at popular science journalism and broadcasting making programmes to inspire and unleash their inner geek. For that I will need to find an application for my field of study and try to complete and finish that project on Essex County Geniuses. I have only just realised that I have left the book on John Ray at home but I think it’s time for that to go on the shelf and try and make the most of my first semester.

While I’m in Norwich I will try to find the time to write some more posts for Legend Archery, get more sponsors, and develop connections in science and industry. I am thinking about trying to ask Legend for a job by designing their quivers. I want to infuse some colour, culture and personality into their products.


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