Modules are Madning

These last two days have been a very difficult time for me even though it should be the start of a grand adventure. I am now having to rethink my module choices for my first year because they can clash with each other. I think I seem to be forgetting something about my plans for my university education. I don’t want a repeat of my experiences at the Open University where there I had this physics course that had too many topics in such a short space of time I couldn’t do the course. One month I was doing motion, the next month I was dabbing in matter and the next I was looking at weird magnets. It was just ridiculous. It’s now wonder it didn’t work out for me.

I need to restrict my modules to one type for the year, then in the next year I can try and combine it with another topic. I must major in at least two subjects throughout my university career. Just two, that’s all. I think for the time being I should stick with physics and maths, with engineering and computing on the side. This is a natural sciences degree after all. I know I have aspirations to be an engineer but some of the topics covered in a physics stream have a useful application in research and development in aerospace, automotive and maritime engineering.

This afternoon I made preparations to go and visit my adviser in Norwich next week. I also started to look through the prospects website to see what jobs and areas that I could use my degree and aim for. What am I doing studying physics when I could be studying engineering. I should have tried to cover that in my time at the Open University. But still I am going to have to take physics and maths at university. I might not be trained to work in the factory floor and that’s not what I am aiming for. I want to work in the office and laboratory developing the stuff that the shop workers will be assembling. I want to study physics to develop inventions for the aerospace sector like hydrogen fuel reactors, photovoltaic cells, planetary habitation technology, eco-friendly energy saving devices. etc.

Right now for the time being I need to do something to take my mind off it. I need to do another post for Legend Archery. I still have a story to cover on traditional Asian archery.


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