Choosing the right path

I have just started to get my priorities in order for the next chapter in my life. I have just chosen my modules for the first year and to get all my valuables needed in the right order. I’m only going to be moving out temporarily so just a suitcase, study materials, my archery equipment and a few belongings will do. I am glad to have a private rented accommodation just a short walk from the university. I turned down the campus halls because a) they won’t let me have my archery equipment on campus for health and safety reasons and b) the place I had been given is in the city centre far from the campus and I can’t even drive yet. This place that I am staying at is a nice house with six bedrooms and it has shower facilities, washing machine, communal room, great outdoor recreational area, etc. The rent is not that bad, let’s just hope that I have a decent chance of getting a part time job so that I can afford to live in Norwich properly. I think I’d better get back to my friends at Clickers and see if they need any part time staff at all.

There is still a shopping list of vital essentials needed to get there. I need a new suitcase that will be handy for long term investment, I need some more stationary, a decent cut price desk, possibly a tablet and some more sponsors for my archery gear. A couple of days ago I got a surprise from down under when Archery Australia put the petition on their Facebook page and I now got an extra 600 supporters. I think I now have a fan base that could spread across South East Asia where archery is very popular. I think it’s time I started to capitalise on this and got in touch with people from the Commonwealth Games Federation to initiate a conference on the inclusion of more sports in the core category. I could even treat myself to some more gear. I have just received a free backpack from Legend Archery after several months of writing for their blog on all things archery, which has been an interesting experience for myself as I have found a new found interest in other areas of archery I have never really considered to be to be my cup of tea. I have just discovered what makes the Asians so good at archery. It’s in their culture, history and life style in a way that we in Britain treasure ball games. I’m sure with my achievements I will be a star player on the university archery team.

One thing that I am going to have to start using is my student account with Natwest. I have already got the card but I haven’t tried it at a cashpoint yet. I need to see to it that Student Finance put the allowance into my account. Otherwise I won’t be able to get that overdraft.

I have chosen the modules for my course. I have decided to focus solely on modules to tailor my degree to subjects in the field of physics, engineering, maths and computing. This combination will be geared towards the career that I was born to do and that is in the aerospace, research, electronics and space sectors. Heavy industries and research is where I want to go. Of course I also want to go somewhere I can take my bow and arrows to championship gold. However I am not in university to get into some big society to elevate my social standing in life. I am going to train for a profession in a field that I want to get into.

I hope that the people who I share the classroom with are like minded and willing to get into a high flying career with passion and intelligence. Most people these days are brainwashed to get a higher education to appease the extreme liberalists and lame socialists who just want to use universities as an instrument of their charades in equality and diversity. It’s their actions that got universities tuition fees in the first place.

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