Preparing for University

Today I just returned that Surface Pro 3 to amazon and I am expecting my money back later in the week. I am wasting my time trying to find a tablet that can replace my laptop. Such a tablet like that is inadequate and not very practical in design and function. Tablets are just oversized smartphones, they are only mobile for causal computing, they are not workstations. I need a new laptop with a longer battery life and solid state hard drive. They are much more capable of fulfilling my needs for student work, entertainment and creativity. I need to get that book on computing programming. I want to create an app with which to keep my scores. All of those currently on the market are inadequate. I would like a surface but at the moment I don’t have one in my budget for three mobile computers: Laptop, smartphone and tablet. I might get an iPad mini in the future so that I can continue to use my apps from my iTunes account but until then I am saving the pennies.

I also need to consider getting a job to pay my way through university to complement my grant. I have a few ideas in mind. One of them is on campus as a university ambassador, which my friend Hannah is currently doing at Royal Holloway in Surrey. Clickers Archery is nearby and so I should be able to get a job working there as it’s an archery shop and I have experience in the world of archery. That reminds me I should have an idea for another post on Legend Archery’s website. I have just received my first sponsorship gift so I have a new backpack. Now I need to think about making an impression on the university archery team. My first priority will be to show them what I have done and that I need to get ahead to play for Team GB and Team England. With an archery club nearby and with easy access I should be able to get more active with my archery gear. I’m still learning to drive so getting to Belhus Park is still limited here at home.

I’m also going to have to consider what provisions I should take and what I should leave behind. It’s just a student halls, it’s not a new house. So the fewer things the better. This is still my home and my room. That is until I get a place of my own in my five year plan. I reckon the only things that I will need are clothes, toiletries, notebooks, books for studying, etc. The fewer things the better. Besides this room and home of mine has become such a relaxing environment it’s easy to procrastinate. I am going to train for a profession and start a new life. I don’t want to uproot my entire possessions with me.

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