UEA: Jewel of East Anglian Science

On Saturday I travelled to Norwich for the open day of the University of East Anglia on a gorgeous warm summer’s day. It was a fun filled ride getting there but it would have been much smoother if my train hadn’t been delayed on the route between Romford and Shenfield. The lightning that was on the night caused a power cut. I think my alarm might have woken me up a little bit earlier. But still I think the south-east needed that rain and storm because the heatwave a few days ago caused a ball boy at Wimbledon to faint. It took me another hour to finally get to Norwich.

Anyway once I was on the bus I took the time to take a look at parts of Norwich that I hadn’t seen before. It’s a beautiful picturesque rural town in the heart of East Anglia. On arrival at UEA I got straight down to business and began a very lengthy tour of the campus. I got to speak to the admissions tutor who I had been emailing over the last few months about a place here. I hope that my qualifications and references are adequate for me being on this course. The taster presentation was good and I got to learn about the whole structure of the course. There are plenty of science courses at the UEA with the Natural Sciences covering a broad range of topics and sub topics that suited me greatly. I knew this was the one, it’s better and more varied than Strathclyde’s physics course. Lab and field work and research projects. There is a multi-disciplined approach to the degree that reminds me of the Open BSc I originally planned to do at the Open University. It’s perfect.

The UEA has got one useful thing that makes it better than Strathclyde. It’s a university with a rural campus location making it useful for outdoor recreational activities and is close to the city centre. Strathclyde is an inner city university with access to nightclubs, museums and shopping malls. That may be good for some who have inspirations in an indoor environment, which isn’t really what I want. UEA has a large sporting facility complete with an Olympic sized swimming pool, squash courts, Astro-turf pitches, fitness centre and a place reserved in Wednesdays for me to take my bow and shoot some arrows. The perfect university for a budding sports person.

The accommodation here has a lot to choose from. You can pick anything from a two bed flat to an en-suite dorm with a shared kitchen between 8-12 people. One of it’s dorms is the UEA’s famous accommodation called the ziggurat, a block pyramid type building that looks out over a man-made lake. It’s got a really nice communal atmosphere here. I think I’ll be okay here for the first year. After this I’ll live off campus with some fellow students in a flat share. So I’d make some good friends along the way.

There are some good job opportunities to make some money on the side. Clickers Archery is based here so there is nearby shop where I can shop for all my archery gear. That’s if I haven’t got any sponsors. I’m going to need some more if I want to play for the university team and get ready in time for the world stage.

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