Change of Direction for University

This isn’t how I expected it to be. I have just spent a week in Glasgow and after I moved into my accommodation in James Blyth I could not believe for the like of me that I would have to put up with these conditions. The original plan was to stay for five days at Linda’s place and then move into the accommodation after it became available. However it wasn’t quite what I was expecting it to be. The room was in a dilapidated state, the Wi-fi wasn’t within reach of my room, the room looked like it hadn’t been cleaned and my room mates were not very well spoken. I really didn’t want this for a student dorm, yet alone a short term let. It was a far worse standard than my accommodation at the Commonwealth Games. It looked like a palace compared to James Blyth Court. To make matters worse O2 have got my device plan under investigation after I had a lengthy and difficult time processing my device plan upgrade. When will they ever see to that, they have put a block on my phone twice and I had to have the block on my airtime taken off twice. I tell you being stuck in Glasgow with no one to contact home is a very scary and dangerous prospect. I had to abandon the place and move back in with Linda and Gavin.

It was so frustrating and such bad luck was enough to make me want to quit Strathclyde. Eventually I did and so I decided to cut the trip short and go home. But what about plans for the future. There is a back up plan in place that I had ready and so I will get that going right away. A few months ago I did so much volunteer work for my local MP and promoting the Tories and the parties in the General Election that I thought to myself, if my MP is a local boy born and bred then maybe I should support local resources and study at a place closer to home. The only place that I could find with a decent science programme was the University of East Anglia in Norwich. It has a very flexible natural science degree and it was in a rural area with a top rated research park covering all the natural sciences. Perfect! Also it is within travelling distance of Clickers Archery and it has a great place to play archery outdoors. With access to the whole of East Anglia it will make a great place for trips to the seaside and exploring the rural delights of the South East.

I quite like the idea of studying in England. I should have reconsidered months ago, before I realised that the resources would be somewhat inadequate. I know it’s a sad loss but I do love Scotland, but it’s a more of a place to go to be free and wild like an adventurous young man in search of his identity. You can only go to university there if you are a local person. I think it’s best that you study locally for a degree where you can make something of yourself. That way you are supporting your home county and showing the pride of your roots. It’s just typical that there are no Essex institutions that provide any physics courses. Most of the great scientists from this county are physicists. I’ll do a degree in UEA and if I get good enough in my studies then I will try for a postgrad degree of some sort in another university or else go into work as a physicist or a engineer of some sort.


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