Pack for a Scottish Summer (again)

Next month is going to be a busy and fulfilling five weeks for me as I go up to Glasgow once again. Last year I went up to volunteer for an event which gave me an opportunity to do something that I missed out on in London two years previously. I got to work for the friendliest and biggest games that Scotland ever hosted in a typical summer weather. But not only did I volunteer for the greatest games I also discovered something new in life that I had missed out on in my early years. I made many new friends and developed a new outlook on life. I realised that I had been wasting my time on the things that didn’t really have anything for me. I also realised that I had something better to go for in life that could enable me to reach my full potential as an archer and an academic. So I ditched distance learning after seven years, I took the time to enjoy my freedom and decided to give up job hunting altogether because I was so bloody unemployable and take up education full time. I filled out a UCAS application in December during the Hogmanay and agreed to a conditional offer at Strathclyde University. So for the summer I will be studying physics and maths at their summer school. If successful I will get my place there. Uproot to Scotland and spend the next four years studying for a degree.

I have already started to make my preparations for summer school and I have a list of things to be ready for it. All while preparing for an archery shoot, a volunteer stint at the Vitality World Triathlon in Hyde Park and an arrangement with the job centre to pay my benefits while I study part time there. I might take an opportunity to do some job hunting while I’m in Glasgow. I am already planning an attempt to get a sponsor with interest for archery. There’s a good selling potential for me in that respect. The Clyde-Sider who became a Commonwealth Champion. Let’s hope I don’t let that get in the way of studying for school. I want to make this work, and it has to work properly. I can’t let anything get in the way. I must get this work otherwise I’ll be on the dole for the rest of my life living with my parents under a roof I can’t stand the atmosphere within.


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