Roll on to the polls

It’s a general election tomorrow and I can’t believe that it was five years ago that I had to witness the first time I saw another Tory government in 13 years. Well that is how I expected it to be but I never thought I would witness a new kind of a government and a new kind of political climate that would shape the framework of the UK for probably this century. In the future people are going to look back on my blog and see how I lived through the day that the British Establishment went through an earthquake of an unimaginable scale since the First World War. I’m saving that for another post on how the structure of the governing framework can be changed. It was five years ago when the coalition was formed that I wasn’t even online on a social networking site. I joined Facebook a year later and I now I am actively communicating my voice through Word Press as a serial blogger and an active self made journalist. I have written blogs on all the parties who are likely to be a powerful force in Westminster: Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, UKIP and the Greens. All of these blog posts contained a comprehensive and critical review of the parties and what they stand for. I had a great deal of fun writing about them and I am glad that I pulled my weight and did my but to influence the decision making of the electorate. Before I wrote these posts I was always deeply devoted to the Tories and had an utter dislike of the Labour party having grown up under them with nothing but misery and discontent. When I started to read about them I had a new conscious understanding of the parties and what they stood for. However I have unfinished posts saved as drafts on my hard drive for the other parties available for the electorate of the Celtic Nations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. But I choose to leave them out because being an Englander they didn’t seem to have much of an effect on me and I didn’t want to write about parties in other nations of the UK where I would be likely to annoy their supporters with stories I’ve heard from various media sources. I do see the parties like the SNP and Plaid Cymru and the DUP and SDLP having some significance in Westminster.

I wonder if the electoral reform will come and what will become of the establishment in the next ten or twenty years. No single party can gain a majority any more. I’ll be glad by the time the election is over. At least I’ll be able to concentrate on getting my other priorities in order. Summer school, university (hopefully), more volunteering, archery, computer programming, writing about Essex scientists, etc.

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