Justice and Culture for St George

I had a great day on St George’s day celebrating the patron saint of England with a bit of culture throughout the day. I went down to work at the Havering Museum working on my own project to celebrate the life and achievements of a famous Essex scientist called John Ray. He is often overlooked for his achievements in botany and zoology but his pioneering work in the natural sciences helped Darwin over two hundred years later to explain why different species can survive in nature. Ray invented the taxonomic system, which explains the differences and similarities between specific animals and plants. He had achieved quite a lot in his career and among the footnotes of his work are how to determine the age of a tree from the rings in it’s stalk and the name of the coloured leaves on flowers, which we now know today as petals. There is a chapter for him planned in my project that is well worth a read.

I had a good day working with the staff who were dressed up in period costume promoting the museum outside the Golden Lion which was draped in bunting inside. We got some publicity for the museum and there was even some politicians making the most of their time to campaign for the General Election. To round off the evening I decided to try something different for a change so I popped into the Golden Lion for a pub dinner. I could see that there was some pride and celebration around the town centre from the local businesses, but wish there had been something with a bit more ‘pomp and circumstance’. I would love to have had this as a bank holiday and got into a festive mood just like my friends in Scotland celebrating St Andrew’s day. I suppose the lack of celebrations would be down to the leftist political elite playing the race card. I really would like to know how they perceive patriotism and nationalism with racism and organized hatred, yet when our Celtic neighbours play it they are happy to watch them go all about it. Well I think I can understand why, it’s because the Celtic nationalism and the English nationalism are on opposite sides of the political spectrum. Scottish nationalism for example is left wing, while English nationalism is right wing. And it’s because of this the UK establishment imposes on the English to allow multiculturalism to treat England as if it were their own. While Scotland which has a proud heritage of culture which it shares with other people kindly. So with that in mind the UK doesn’t really give much of a priority for the English to celebrate their own identity. But that’s not the whole story, is it leftists?

Now English nationalism hasn’t always been stifled like this, it’s been in state of dismissal since the mid-1990s. Back in the day before New Labour English nationalism was actively celebrated by the public on a number of occasions. The xenophobic attitude towards English pride and patriotism only came about because of social policies that addressed the need to suit New Labour’s grasp on power. In order to make the Labour party cool again after 16 years of Toryism Tony Blair and his cronies got the party to embrace popular culture, capitalism and reject the unions. Instead New Labour was going to become the party of the people with social justice in the place of equality, as it had previously stood for. So out with the need for representing the working classes of Britain and instead it decided to put multiculturalism and world trade at the forefront of it’s policies. This led to a casual criminalisation of nationalist and patriotic pride. Councils and jobsworth across the country started sidelining all traditional values about Britain. One Christmas time Blair had a card that simply read ‘Happy New Year’ and it omitted Christmas. Even our pastime culture events like bonfire night and Christian festivals came under attack being suppressed in areas where the schools were full of kids born to foreign born children. One Labour figure Trevor Phillips, who was the chairman for the Commission for Racial Equality said that we were in danger of sleepwalking into segregation. He later went onto admit what Labour did wrong in it’s practices of social mobility and some of his ideas were rejected by many party officials. Recently he fronted a programme on Channel 4 called ‘Things We Won’t Say About Race That Are True’ in which he revealed just how in denial politicians and councils were in denial about the way the government was handling the race card. I should know I experienced some it myself. It was never a case of racism, it was a case of disorganised social mobility. I liken to that a farmer who has put the foxes in the same pen as the chickens. As Darwin’s study of human evolution states nature favours certain characteristics, civilised societies only favour certain types of race and culture. Let’s see how this works in the case of left wing nationalism and right wing nationalism.

Now I have been to Scotland and I have become enshrined into it’s culture since I became a volunteer at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014. I have seen just how friendly and welcoming the city is and the value and equality of life is in Scotland. It’s a far cry from all those horror and satire stories that paint a picture of them in those bloody awful stereotypes. However what I have seen of the SNP’s social policies they are fully in support of maintaining Scotland’s identity. They allow people to wave the saltire without need to worry about being told off by jobsworths. With their spirit of freedom they even take decisive action against such jobsworths. One element of the SNP’s nationalist agenda is an ideology called civic nationalism, which basically promoting your national identity in a non-xenophobic manner which favours freedom, tolerance, equality and individualism. So that is why Scottish nationalism appears to be welcoming without any sense of racism. According to philosophers left-wing nationalism is based on social equality, popular sovereignty and national self-determination. It has it’s origins in the French revolution and it adopts anti-imperialism. In contrast to right-wing nationalism it rejects racist nationalism and fascism. However there are some forms of left-wing nationalism that have racial prejudice and intolerance. Some examples of bad policies in left-wing establishments are shared by the SNP and New Labour. They include the nanny-state antics of stifling children’s creativity, a policy that I suffered in school as I had just started secondary school a year after they came to power. This policy is the SNP’s Named Person Act, which assigns every child and adolescent with a guardian appointed by the state. That sounds very similar to a practice done by Chairman Mao in China where he had all the children subservient to him in a communist super state. I had a number of busybodies policing my upbringing in school and they were so stifling and troubling for me I just wanted to beat the living daylights of them. Because I was diagnosed as autistic I was put into an all-inclusive community school where I had my schoolwork looked over a support teacher whose approach to supporting me was like being bullied by a left-wing obnoxious condescending moron. If I said or did anything that disagreed with him he told me off. They even made me take GCSE subjects I didn’t like and forced me down a path where I was in a segregated state of being forced into a career that I couldn’t even sell myself to. They wouldn’t let me be my own man. I can see the Named Person Act having a similar outcome on children in Scotland. If I ever got a gloating leftist telling me to accept their Stalinist style guardianship I’d want to punch them!

Right wing nationalism isn’t all that bad as those critics who love to throw people in front of their own blood would presume. The only difference that makes it stand out is that it is protective of it’s own identity. It can be useful in defending national interests, culture, identities, individualism and the right to be your own person. It’s influenced by romantic nationalism, in which the state’s political legitimacy is bonded together by those under it’s rule and the unity of those it governs. This includes the language, race, culture, religion and customs of the nation, all of which were born within it’s culture. The Conservatives and UKIP are often linked with right wing nationalism because they both use the ideology of conservatism, which is a branch of the right. Conservatism is a social and political philosophy that promotes retaining traditional social institutions for a culture and civilization. In the case of England it promotes the country’s culture, heritage and identity and the right-wing nationalists do it in a manner far better than left-wing because it is anti-elitist and it creates and safe and secure society. However it’s not got the looks of a nasty ugly beast of anti-foreign rhetoric. There are branches of right-wing politics and conservatism that supports civic nationalism and also supports freedom, equality and tolerance. Left-wing nationalism has little regard for defence and safety because it supports social integration even with borders so wide open that it would happily let in a wolf to eat the sheep. So with all due to respect to the left wing, why would you criminalise patriotism in England in it’s right wing form when your thinking has it’s downsides? You have an intolerance of individual achievements, you dismiss your country’s security and want a disarming of our armed forces and when you show compassion for the weak by weaponising your campaigns with the blood of your own you ignore the blood of those close to you. Look at the way your endless campaigns for certain liberties and rights have constantly counteracted all the good deeds that the government has been unable to do. The left have a reputation for being economically illiterate, pandering to the greed of their own kind and in denial about reality and consequence. Not only do I defy the left so that I can celebrate my identity, I denounce them as obnoxious nuisances. There’s nothing racism about patriotism in the context of celebrating one’s national identity, your just using it as a feeble excuse to make a misery for others.

I am proud to be a good right wing conservative supporting civic nationalist. I am not a bigot as Gordon Brown would call me. I welcome the responsibility of caring for my country and my people and I will give my life for Great Britain and England and St George. John F. Kennedy had a saying ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country’. That saying resonates with me every day. I think what values and achievements I want to see in my country and so I work to make a better world. For me Englishness is about culture, passion, strength and self-determination. For the ruling party who come next in the general election please make St George’s day a national holiday.

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