UKIP and Nationalism Vs Liberalism

The other remaining parties are exceptionally significant despite being relatively new and have only been around a lot less longer than the three major parties. These ‘Other Parties’ as some people like to call them have got seats in the House of Commons and have a minority status in Westminster but a much larger presence in the devolved parliaments of the Celtic nations. UKIP however are a new party that is constantly making headlines that is as it’s leader Nigel Farage puts it ‘an earthquake in the British political establishment’. And quite naturally he is right, from what we have seen in the last 20 years the political landscape of Britain has been getting rattled about like an earthquake beneath Westminster in which the major parties which have been formed in the forge of a metal works that no longer exists. The Conservatives have been around for a very long time to preserve the national character and promote personal wealth, the Labour Party have introduced socialism to the British establishment by promoting care from the cradle to the grave and Liberal Democrats in their previous form brought social justice and liberty to British citizens. However like the parties that existed before them they are now dwindling in popularity in mainstream politics and they are often seen as out of touch with the common man. This is because their policies are often written like a shopping list to satisfy the demands of ‘consumer politics’ where they challenge each other with better deals on policies than their opponents. This is why they seem to be all the same like supermarket giants trying to tempt you to spend more money on their offers. That’s not right, they need to start focusing on what they stand for as they were created and suit the needs of the modern world. Politics today has become consumerised because there are certain issues that are of significant importance to different groups of voters. Something that has been put there by New Labour when they excelled at multiculturalism and social democracy. The result has created ‘an animal farm run by drunken farmers joyriding at the wheel of a tractor, who can’t be bothered to put them in their proper pens and feed them the right food’.

That is true, because if you look at Britain today everyone wants something for their needs. We have an uncontrolled immigration problem, the Scottish Independence Referendum brought the subject of home rule to the fore, school leavers are shunning higher education after being put off by tuition fees and the cost of living is too high for some people that they feel put off voting at all. Crime and terrorism are also high on the agenda but because of so many liberal activists sticking their noses in that they are trying to destroy the state by allowing the foxes to play with the chickens. Business and commerce is also stifled by bureaucratic nonsense and the counties are made to feel like urban districts because of too much power in the capital.

Formed in 1993 by members of the Anti-Federalist League, the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) describes itself as “a democratic, libertarian party”, with which they have a central agenda on breaking Britain away from the European Union. They are a Eurosceptic and right-wing populist party. The latter of which is a political ideology that rejects the current political consensus and combines laissez-faire liberalism and anti-elitism. It’s a very common touch kind of ideology as it opposes elitism. However as ideologies differ from country to country and in the case of Europe it is generally regarded with parties that are opposed to immigration, increasing welfare support and lavish but restrictive domestic social spending, which is sometimes referred to as “welfare chauvinism”. So basically it’s a radical form of right wing politics that preserves the status quo. Among UKIP’s other ideologies are British unionism and conservatism. However despite supporting conservatism they are nothing like the Conservatives, who are a lot less right wing than UKIP in trade, commerce and preserving the culture, civilization and identity of Britain. So even though I am a Tory voter, I support UKIP as my second choice because of the current state of radical anti-establishment liberalism from the far-left I sympathize with them.

When UKIP was founded in 1993 the Cold War had been over for 4 years and the former communist Soviet-era bloc countries of Europe had been liberated and were now trading with western capitalists. This led to an expansion of the European Economic Community (EEC), where it become the even bigger European Union (EU). At the time Eastern Europe was impoverished by the collapse of the communist economy and as they transitioned to capitalism there was a demand for a response to bring wealth and reparations to expand them. The EEC stepped in and set up a major amendment to the European Community by getting them to agree to a plan to integrate these countries into the European Union, establish a single currency which would become the Euro and impose federal social, economic and labour laws on all the member states of the EU. However it was only half successful in getting through and thank God for that as we never got the supreme national mechanism on the continent that it turned out to be. Eventually there was a compromise that limited the powers of the Commission, the Parliament and the Court of Justice of the European Union. However these would later come back in the form of new treaties which would streamline the European Union so that it would become the official democratic body of the community. This led to a wave of anti-federalist right-wing populist parties like UKIP that sprung up across the continent.

Originally UKIP’s purpose as a party was nothing more than protest against European federalism and campaigning for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. However as the party grew and campaigned for seats in different elections they started to focus on creating core policies that reflected their political beliefs to be in the same league as an ordinary political party like the Conservatives and Labour. However they have had to contend with allegations of racism from left wing activists and it’s party members have come under scrutiny several times over their anti-PC comments and actions. As the Westminster elite and local councils continue to actively encourage inclusion of other cultures, faiths and races into the mainstream it is also sidelining native cultures and traditions to appease the left wing liberals who really like to rub their obnoxious egos into the right. This has led to unfair representation of the local communities who are having their culture and traditions criminalised by left wing politicians. They speak of wanting to promote Britishness in local communities but every time they bring something up that can celebrate that culture all they do is come under fire from liberal leftists who associate nationalism, patriotism and a love of your own identity with racism, hatred and extremism. Patriotism isn’t that dangerous, and neither is nationalism. Patriotism is the energy drives a man to love and work for his country and take pride in defending and investing in his homeland. Now I can understand how this contempt for nationalism is happening as I have seen examples of it from my own experiences. And I can tell you these liberal leftists are extremists themselves in their own right. Their beliefs are a reversed polarity of right wing dictatorships. Where a right-wing fascist dictatorship will make everyone bow to one religion and make all others sub-human, a left wing dictatorship will allow all other religions to exist but crush religions which come into conflict with one another. A right wing dictatorship will encourage development of technological advances which can bring untold wealth to benefit the country like television and cars, but a left wing dictatorship will snub the advances of technology where it can bring wealth even though it will put the country into darkness like banning mobile phone masts and rely on imported gas from unfriendly countries. Right wing dictatorships also sponsor capital investments in big corporations to fund national projects while a left-wing dictatorship will make the corporations work for the people and just create projects for consumption with no profit until it’s bleeds the nation’s coffers dry. Which do you think is the lesser of two evil empires?

Recently I watched a BBC programme on UKIP called ‘Meet the Ukippers’ which included a scene where a UKIP spokesman called Piers Wauchope talked at a protest gathering for the ban on the export of live animals. Whereas UKIP support the export of live animals, the spokesman came under attack with the baying crowd chanting ‘racist’ at Wauchope. This is something that usually comes with the job of working for UKIP and many nationalist right wing parties. This is where my sympathy for them comes in. Now I went to an inclusive community school, commonly known as an ‘anything and everything’ school. There were Whites, Blacks, Asians, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, disabled children and Europeans all of which were either British born or born abroad. A classic example of a left wing multicultural microstate. And it was just like as I describe Britain’s multiculturalist ethics: a farm with all the animals put in the same pen by feckless farmers who think foxes should be allowed to play with chickens. I saw bullying and intimidation not just towards myself but also from one ethnic type to another. Blacks picking Asians, Asians picking on Whites, Sikhs picking on Muslims, Able bodied picking on the disabled, and thus conclusive proof that multiculturalism can’t work. The school also had a toleration of stupidity and zero responsibility as I have already explained in the bad side of socialism and communism. Whenever I complained about the tense atmosphere the staff told me to ‘just ignore it’, the idiotic liberals that they are just couldn’t be bothered. Just like the critics of UKIP! Even today there is disharmony in schools where racism and bigotry is rife. As long as the fanatical Islamic terrorists continue to preach hate there will always be influential racist attacks on any Islamic faith. That’s why we have racism in our culture and as long as we have this forced mixing of cultures biased towards one race against another this racial poison will continue.

Now I really would like to ask the critics of UKIP with their extremist liberal leftist beliefs if they really think they are any better by branding the populist right as racist, dangerous nationalists and anti-liberal yet the intentions of these parties are for the common good and the protection of the country. The country that you live in and need in order to promote free speech, liberalism and freedom. Why are you protective of criminal activities like terrorism, Asian sex gangs and multi-ethnic crooks like corrupt councillors? Don’t you realise that the ideology from which your beliefs stem from freedom that was fought for the individuals of the land and it requires protection of the state to protect your freedom? Perhaps there is something different about your perception of equality and multiculturalism that conflicts with the true nature of liberalism. UKIP are in favour of liberalism too but the anti-fascist and anti-right-wing populist movements who call them racist support a form of liberalism which doesn’t believe in the existence of the state, and in effect act like they have nothing to protect but themselves. That is a symptom of a communist citizen. So in effect these anti-populist right people are just closet communists and fanatical anti-establishment liberalists. The comedian and celebrity radical activist Russell Brand has already made a scathing attack on Nigel Farage with his Marxist beliefs where he once described Farage as ‘a pound shop Enoch Powell’. Well Marx was the founder of communism, Brand is a communist and with his teachings he has encouraged his fans to avoid voting to trash the popularity and reputation of the politicians. There is also a massive wealth gap and social deprivation that these critics capitalise on, which is due in part to the fact communism doesn’t believe that money is an object. They act like they have nothing to cherish about their own homeland as long as it provides a cosy atmosphere. They wouldn’t think about celebrating their national identity because they consider nations to be a cultural entity rather than a political structure. According to philosophers critics of nationalism believe that it highlights differences between people and it oppresses individual identity within a nation. Giving elitists opportunities to control the masses. Well as far as UKIP’s policies go they have an anti-elitist agenda combined with their contempt for European federalism. As far as I’m concerned all these anti-right-wing populist are just a nuisance who are the back-seat drivers to bulldozers of our civilisation.

Despite my sympathies for UKIP and my hatred of the Liberal activists and leftists I do not consider UKIP to be my party of first choice. As well as being the strongest nationalist force we have against European federalism, it also has strong anti-federalist feelings here in Britain. Consider the topic of devolution and the call for an English parliament during the Scottish Independence campaign. UKIP are all for supporting the formation of an English parliament to discuss English only issues, but this also includes scraping the ministers for the Parliament and Assemblies for the Celtic nations and putting the Westminster MPs of their constituencies in place. They want to establish a confederate style state where the four nations run their own affairs as consensual members of the union. Basically that means that the nations of the UK have their own sovereignty pooling their resources on their own matters while retaining a central government with limited resources. UKIP’s biggest supporters are in England and Wales but they are massively unpopular in Scotland where they are more pro-EU. And I find that a bit unusual as they want independence from the UK, but not from the EU which has a reputation for obnoxiously interfering in the laws of member states from banning types of vacuum cleaners and lightbulbs, putting excess red tape on business and commerce and forcing courts to repeal sentences on fanatical terrorists. How can they as a proud patriotic country of nationalists and capitalists not care for the way the EU controls Scottish laws on Scotland’s own affairs? Is there something sweet about these EU laws that the English don’t benefit from but benefit Scotland?

With the way the referendum has made things happen I think it’s time Westminster was decentralized massively. It’s a crumbling old castle with a bloated establishment not fit for modern Britain. More of my ideas on that later. I don’t like their ideas on devolution, I think the Conservatives and the nationalist parties can do it better. Besides UKIP are currently split on the subject of devolution with their members unsure about which direction to take. Some want the House of Lords turned into a federal British Parliament, which in the future could lead to the establishment of a fascist dictatorship and destroy the monarchy. They also want representatives to the British government acting on the behalf of the MPs to the parliaments in their own nations, something which currently exists where Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland where they have two sets of MPs, one for Westminster and one for their national governments. It’s silly, it will be even sillier when we get an English parliament. Honestly, we don’t need more MPs or centralization. Let’s just trim it to MPs for the national parliaments and have them run their own affairs of their own nations. England has even grown too big for Westminster to manage. Give the counties and metropolitan areas more freedom to govern their own affairs through the county councils and assemblies. Only in times of need for the benefit of protecting our sacred sceptred isle do we need to be together as a glorious commonwealth of nations. As a United Kingdom we share a common need of defence, the treasury, pensions, crime and justice and national transport. As devolved nations we need our own rules for law and order, health, social security, local economy, environment, agriculture, housing, culture, sport and education that suit our own identity and way of life. So lets reform the union and create a federal style of parliament with each nation having their own parliament, a treasury where taxpayers money is shared between the four nations using their own keys to get access to the safe using a different allocation of money than the hated Barnett Formula and for the sake of the Counties and Cities of England (and my home county of Essex) give them a significant share of power that makes them stand out as powerful regions of culture and industry, not outlying urban districts!


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