The Geek Vote

After researching and writing about political parties I often think I am side-lining my other priorities. What about that planned book to inform people about the magnificent geniuses of Essex. So far I have one scientist and there are plenty of other geniuses a lot closer to home. Maybe I should try and write about my political beliefs and what I intend to if I ran the country as a chapter for my studies of county geniuses, I believe I am clever enough to write my own manifesto. The Keeble Manifesto that is.

I’ll just do one more post on the parties focusing on the minor parties and then I’ll let you decide which party is best for you. It is my honour and worthy duty to get people interested in politics and show people how to take responsibility for their decisions on what to do with themselves. Why do we always have to resent and criticise our politicians for what they do? Most of us criticize them for not being able to achieve the things we put them into power for. But what is it that really makes us angry about them that affects you? We can’t keep firing off groundless dribble like a wailing freak from a circus TV show. Some people make progress because they get involved and lend a had and see what the work requires. I have been a volunteer worker for sports events, museums and public services for 8 years and I have seen first hand how we do things that everybody else doesn’t care about.

Do you remember when the Chief Secretary David Laws got the keys to the treasury in 2010, he found a ‘jokey’ note left behind by the previous one Liam Bryne which said: Dear Chief Secretary, I’m afraid there is no money. Kind regards – and good luck! Liam.’ It just goes to show that whatever politicians do in their offices they try to deliver things but they end having to break them because the previous government left behind something that they have to clean up. Maybe it’s time we put all the politicians together in one party to prevent stupid tricks like this from happening again. If I had the opportunity to bump into that jerk Liam I’d shove it down his gob until he chokes!

Right now I need to think about getting myself ready for university and getting my MP Andrew Rosindell in power. He is a top working class man with good strong ethics and moral values which he upholds for the Tory party. He has just about all the qualities in a politician that I strongly support and want to have. To my all my fellow geeks out there we should play our part too. Let’s geek the vote and rock the party and smash Westminster to the ground.


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