Political Science for Brainless Sheep

On 12 December 2014 comedian Russell Brand appeared on Question Time actively criticising the political elite with a barrage of witty quirks that reminded me of the kind of banter I get at home from my family. Brainless sheep and stupid dogs who fight amongst themselves and curse our politicians and rant about the way the country is run. Brand hasn’t even got the standards of a politician, let alone a campaigner. He preaches for a fairer society with his Marxist beliefs like a lame brained trollop. I’ve seen plenty of people much like his followers, who don’t really care much for politics as long as they have something to shout and laugh about. Simple people with simple beliefs.

Brand encourages his followers to ‘not vote’ as a way of protest against the establishment, which doesn’t do any good because it makes you a hermit who would rather live in isolation from society or have a life in a country where you are ruled by someone you constantly hate. His approach to debating is preaching without any research at all, he even managed to get some of his accusations to the people on the panel wrong and with the kind of language you’d expect from an unsettling guest at a dinner party!

This is the start of my posts as I show people what I could do if I run the country. I have plenty of constructive suggestions and ideas that could guide this country to greatness. I have often been told that my knowledge is valuable and my philosophy is to benefit the lives of others. As an aspie and a geek I am destined to inherit the Earth. That’s true of us geeks, for our great intellect is the key to make peace, progress and prosperity. We possess the intellectual ability to make the things that really matter to people and guide them to a brighter tomorrow.

First up lets start with the political parties that we have. We are getting in a spin about the parties that we have and the issues that they stand for. The Tories are often associated with sponsors of capitalism, business and impoverishing the poor. The Labour party is often seen as a party of the people sponsoring worker’s unions and campaigning for fairness and welfare. The Liberal Democrats are often seen as a pariah party with values that support social-liberalism, which is a belief that society must be free to do whatever it pleases and individual freedom must be paramount above all else. But there is also a socialist element where it sacrifices state interests for the people’s needs like further incorporation into international trade relations and disbanding defence mechanisms. Then there are the other parties who are small enough to be somewhat insignificant in the corridors of power. That suggestion is made obvious by the fact that the big three have often always been at the heart of the political establishment. Over the last 60 years we have gone through a cycle of socialism and capitalism by Labour and the Tories. It’s been going on for so long it just gets boring and Nigel Farage is calling for an earthquake in British politics. It had better come soon for these other parties. United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) is about nationalism, liberalism and and anti-elitism. They’ve often been branded racist and xenophobic because of their strong anti-immigration agenda, and yet there is more this party than it first looks. We’ve also got the Green Party, which stands for ecological matters that are supposed to combat climate change and animal welfare. They also stand for communitarianism and local economic core values. Then there’s the parties of the Celtic nations Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. These are parties with strong nationalist agendas that are representative of their countries with their own agendas that benefit their own nations. Scotland’s is the Scottish Nationalist Party, which has a social-democratic agenda that campaigns for Scottish independence. Wales has got Plaid Cymru which campaigns for Welsh independence, nationalism and democratic socialism. Northern Ireland has got DUP – Democratic Unionist Party, which follows the ideology of national conservatism, social conservatism and British unionism. There are other parties that are out there in the country which haven’t got a large number of MPs in the House of Commons like Sein Fein, Social Democratic and Labour Party, Respect, there’s also MPs who have no actual party but belong to a system where they stand as Independent MPs representing their own constituencies as individuals.

Now that we have a list of the parties I think it would be worth taking a look at their own identities and what they stand for. How they came about and what really defines them away from the mainstream media (MSM). It’s time to geek about the parties and grok about how they and we can be better. Surely there is someway to understand them without all that tedious mucking about with the MSM going on about how bad they, how good they are, why we have to put with these ideas they churn out that makes ordinary people think they are not in touch with the real world. I’ll start with another post on a rundown of the parties ASAP. I will try to be as impartial as I can even though I’m a Tory voter first, UKIPper second and a nationalist third, however my philosophy is a combination of capitalism, socialism and democratic nationalism.



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