Could I run the Country

This is the year of a general election and we have had five years of a coalition government run by the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats. I never wanted this coalition or even the Lib Dems in power in the first place but it has got me thinking about how things could have been if we hadn’t a hung Parliament all those years ago. I wanted the Tories in power with David Cameron at the helm. If things had gone his way I wondered how it could have been. We wouldn’t have had the alternative vote referendum, the Human Rights Act would have been abolished and replaced with a British bill of civil rights, the unemployment in the country could have been helped a bit more and we could have had the EU referendum which was blocked by the Lim Dems and give us back control of our borders from those Eurocrats in Brussels. However we have had some good out of this coalition and I will give my gratitude for that. Namely a cut in excessive public services, rewarding people who go to work, encouraging apprenticeships for school leavers, less bureaucracy from destroying the quangos, controlling immigration, fighting tooth and nail with the EU, improving trade relations with the far east, the big society where local governments could provide services instead of the centralized authorities which could feed and shelter the poor more efficiently.

Of course there was some harsh and bitter discontent from this government that even I hate to see. The bedroom tax, the failed improvements to the education system that was stifled by the opposition and members of the government, Ken Clarke in power as communities secretary with a leniency towards rape and criminal justice, continued policies on employment for the free market created by Labour which couldn’t be overturned, etc.

I have always been an outspoken person on political and social affairs and I have debated them with my fiends and family. They have often said to me ‘why don’t you go into politics’? I have a voice, a brain and an active outlook on such matters but I have never had the resources or the access to the corridors of power. I have been active in campaigning and speaking up for the things that matter most to me. I have written to my MP for Hornchurch, I have communicated with local dignitaries in my volunteer work and I have blogged about my political ideas. But none so much as used my voice for the good of the country and the people. I would like to run for power and I have some good ideas about how to work my own government and in this general election year. I would like to take an opportunity to share my ideas with people about how I would run the country. In fact in the run up to the general election I will pull my own weight and blog about my policies as if I was running for office.

First I think I should start by saying what I stand for as a politician. Well I am a hybrid of political philosophies. part capitalist, part socialist, part nationalist. I vote Tory as my first choice and UKIP as my second choice and Labour as my third. David Cameron has proved to be quite a useful and vain leader and Ed Miliband has been lambasted for being a leader who can not be trusted to run the economy. I know you probably hate UKIP as a party and especially Nigel Farage but I am knowledgeable enough about political philosophies and science to know what is right from wrong. I have seen plenty of lame brained sheep out there spouting groundless dribble on matters they haven’t even done their research in. They just shout out at political bigwigs for fun and they can’t realise how the world works. So let’s start with a summary of the political parties as they stand.


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