Wonders what to enquire upon

I have just had a good start to my applications to the world of further education and I believe I can get onto campus this summer. I have just heard from the University of Essex and they have received my UCAS application to study there. If they like me then I maybe studying electronics and electrical engineering there. I just wish Essex universities would have a much wider choice of science and technology courses. Essex has a history of scientific wonders and industrial developments stretching back to the Elizabethan era. Most of the courses that I have seen available there are in the business, arts, media, law and finance. As long as TOWIE keeps painting a picture of a county of lame brained ducks then the comedians are going to keep making fun of us instead of respecting our intelligence and hard work.

From afar in the Highlands I have received some emails from Strathclyde University telling me that I have a good chance of getting in based on my academic past and volunteer experience. However because I spent most of my time studying physical science and maths I am more likely to get into a physics course than an engineering course. There is a entry route to start with a HNC so that I can get into the engineering department in the second year of the degree programme and that has got me thinking about getting into the engineering courses at the University of Essex. Will I need to do a HNC of some sort to get into there?

Personally I think it would be better if I just carried on as I started doing it all those years ago. I started off studying physical science so that’s what I should carry on doing. I may have had a difficult start with advanced sciences at the Open University but I am past that now and I can now do it properly. Physics is the older of engineering and I took that subject up because it allowed me to establish the background that I would need to get into engineering subjects, which include electronics and aerospace research. By taking physics I hope to give myself some options to work in an engineering field that uses physical sciences. My tastes in physics are branched by optics, electromagnetism, nature, geology, astronomy, matter, etc. If I am lucky enough to pass my degree then I might go and take up further study a postgrad option in electronics or space science at an Essex university.


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