Cometh the Hour

It was my first shift yesterday and it was a great day for me to get out and about in Strathclyde Park. As I was standing on the track manning the crossing point I couldn’t keep my excitement as I was experiencing this once in a lifetime chance. Not only that but I was actually doing work for a big sporting event in another part of the country, my very first cross country job and it was in Scotland. Wow!

When I first got in Glasgow I Saturday I got straight down to business with travelling around the city. It was pouring rain, typical Glaswegian weather, but I couldn’t complain about that. I moved into the student hostel that I was staying in Sauchiehall Street. Me and dozens of other Clydesiders all crammed into one apartment block in a building we all decided to christen as ‘Chateau de Clydesider’. It was my first experience of a flatshare too, just as I always planned my first home to be. I grew up loving this romantic domestic bliss from watching flatshare sitcoms like Friends and The Big Bang Theory. My flatmate was a girl from Sheffield called Sarah, and I’ve just become Facebook friends with her and she was a London 2012 Games Maker. Over the last few days we’ve had some cosy moments bonding with each other and I think I may have made a good impression as a flat mate. Which is a relief because I always like to maintain standards with my friends. I’m not one to brag about my ego but I take pride in looking out for those closest to me. The flat is pretty good for a student accommodation. There was a washing machine in it so I didn’t have to worry about running out of clean clothes, but I did have to buy an airier. It was quite a prime location for student accommodation, with plenty of shops and eateries along the road. So I am okay for all the basic essentials. However the hot water was a bit tricky to get a handle of on some of the taps. But I got the hang of it in the end. In the first few days that I have been here I have learnt how to survive all on my own from scratch, just when I thought I already did. But still at least I know how to do all my own cooking and cleaning, washing and ironing.

The day after I got my running shoes on and went out for a jog around Glasgow. I tried to find a way towards the Clyde for a run along there, but couldn’t find a way to access it from along the M8 junction. In the end I took an alternative route across the motorway and towards the West End of the city going through Kelvingrove Park and the University and then back again. It was a sightseeing trip that also allowed me to take in the sights of the city that I hadn’t seen before. It was an amazing journey to work up a sweat. I think I probably done 6 miles. Next time I’m going to try for the Clyde, I am a Clydesider after all!

For the sake of security at the Games I am not at liberty to speak about where I was and what I was doing at the Games in places which are off limits to the spectators. And to maintain the public image of the Commonwealth Games I will be saving that for a later blog. In the meantime I can tell you that I went to my first shift yesterday at Strathclyde Park and I was actively following directives from the event co-ordinator and line manager. I made the most of every second there was and I was determined to see it through every day of the Commonwealth Games.

Before my train left London on Saturday I shared a table with an Aussie woman called Trish who had come to Britain to watch the Games with her friends who she was going to see in Manchester, before going onto Glasgow. Trish had been a volunteer at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games and she gave some tips on how to be the best volunteer at games time. She told me to be super friendly and enjoy yourself for it’s the once in a life time opportunity. A BBC advert says ‘The friendly games begin, pleasantries start 23 July…’ We as Clydesider shall be the friendliest and most welcoming of volunteers dedicating our commitment to the people of Glasgow as the city welcomes the world. For our athletes we shall be your humble servants providing the best service you can get. These games have even formed new friendships for me. My Facebook page has had the biggest influx of new mates from across Scotland. I couldn’t be more thrilled to have them in my life. I have befriended so many I can’t wait to meet them in person. In fact I have fallen in love with Glasgow in such a way that I want to live here. If there are no opportunities that I can get at down south then I will set myself up here. I have already laid out a number of plans for me to move in and start a new life. I want to complete my degree and study at Glasgow University, I want to start a proofreading and copyediting business here in the biggest arts and literary culture in Britain and most impressively I want to capitalise on my time at Glasgow 2014 with my archery as the volunteer who became an archer to shoot for gold in the Commonwealth Games.

Bring on the friendly games…

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