Right, Introductions

Hello and welcome to my first post of this blog. It’s called AC Keeble and I am Charlie Keeble, the name of the blog reflects my content and style. Alternating Creative Intellectual Rebel. This blog started off as The Grand Geek of Essex and then became AC Keeble when I decided upon a rebranding of the blog and to streamline it into a central specific theme. I am rewriting this initial post to be used as a starting post to update my followers. Initially my blog was supposed to be my own personal life story recorded online. It was just a few adventures with nothing consistent or sticking to a specific theme. But now that I have decided to bring in my editorial policy and stick to a central theme it is now run like this.

AC Keeble covers my interests and activities in politics, sports, culture, science and technology, autism and advocacy. There is also an extension of my blog on Facebook, You Tube and Instagram as well. These other platforms to AC Keeble came rather late in my blogging adventures and I will be building up even more content over time.

At the time I started this blog I was preparing to go to Glasgow to volunteer at the Commonwealth Games 2014. It was one of the best moments of my life and I was feeling absolutely ecstatic. I was also a struggling university student and I dropped out to take a break to reset my life and look for something else to do. What will happen along the way from this moment in time for me? Let’s hope it’s to many good adventures.

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